The Best Interface Is Your Face

We have done work on apps that belongs to different industries. Discuss your concept and we can make thatĀ happen.

Musist, Music and Experience Joy

Musist creates a healthy addiction to creativity for personal growth and discovery. Musist is like an American-made TikTok for introverts, which are 56% of the world population personality type according to Myers Briggs. People can amplify ideas, reflections and emotions by combining music and expression with the creativity tools of positive social media.


AtmaGo to help your neighborhood + Share solutions to common problems + Learn about job opportunities + Buy and sell goods + Read and comment on news, culture and your community! In difficult times, communities that experience flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters rely on AtmaGo for trusted information, and use AtmaGo to organize ways to help themselves and each other.

Come On Now!

The Come On Now! Provider app is used by the medical provider to connect to the patient in order to invite, schedule, and confirm patient appointments. It is a revenue generating app that replaces no-show appointments with billable telemedicine visits. The platform solves the real problem of no-shows for both patients and physicians.

Radar Host, Your All-In-One Event Hosting Consociate

RadarHost app is built to make event hosting hassle-free while creating a wonderful experience for the guests. With RadarHost, you can plan and create your event in minutes. You also get to invite your guests, add and sell tickets, manage the event and stay connected with your guests while delivering a memorable event.

Nodat,Deliver Targeted and Relevant Content to the Right Customers.

Save time with local search. Build your personalized local profile and get notified of local information relevant to you and what you want to know about always. Tired of sifting through pages and pages of search results? Wish there was an easier way for you to connect with a local area? Nodat does the work for you with effortless and relevant local search built from your own personalized profile.

Lyndon Marine

Lyndon Marine is a private ship management company set up specifically to manage vessels for close clients in need of direct access to ship management run by experienced shipping professionals. The company primarily specialises in the management and operation services of dry cargo ship, bulk carriers and containerships including financial, technical, crew and commercial management. Lyndon Marine also provides secondary suppport services including audit preparations, maritime consultancy, project management, legal work and vessel registration services.

CulturePop is a micro learning and engagement application for any organization to grow its culture, competency, and connectivity. The app is fully customizable and all content and administrative features are included to scale to any sized organization.